Selected Videos and Multimedia

Dan Mangan Curates ‘Smorgasbord’ to End Homelessnes Now from Jason Rothe on Vimeo.

Multimedia coverage of “Smorgasbord” fundraiser in Vancouver hosted by musician Dan Mangan and End Homelessness Now. Dan speaks about giving back to the community and the social importance of art and music.

More of this story on The Ethnomusicologist here.

Fuego y Tambor from Jason Rothe on Vimeo.

Fuego y Tambor (Fire and Drum) is a 13-minute video podcast that explores the role of Candombe drumming as an agent of revolution and social unification in the small South American country of Uruguay.

Full story available on The Ethnomusicologist here.

Language: Spanish/English
Subtitles: English/Spanish

Help support the Music of the Mbyá Guarani from Jason Rothe on Vimeo.

This is an introductory video for a project to help build traditional instruments and preserve the musical traditions of the Mbya Guarani of northern Argentina.

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Amauta Spanish in Buenos Aires from Jason Rothe on Vimeo.

Documentary style video describing what life is like at the Amauta Spanish school in Buenos Aires. For more information, visit

The Devil and the Mountain from Jason Rothe on Vimeo.

Audio Slideshow.

These photos are part of a series of work that explores the consequences of mankind’s mystical relationship with the earth via the living allegory of the mining community of Potosí, Bolivia.

Yacaré Manso – Raíces (Roots) from Jason Rothe on Vimeo.

Yacaré Manso, a singer-songwriter from the northeastern province of Corrientes in Argentina, talking about the roots of his music.

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