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THE MUSIC OF THE MBYÁ GUARANÍ Part I: Luthiers of the Forest

THE MUSIC OF THE MBYÁ GUARANÍ Part I:  Luthiers of the Forest

Multimedia story and video.

Once a nomadic forest people, the Mbyá Guaraní of northern Argentina were forced to settle onto Jesuit “reductions” during the 17’th century to escape the slave trade. There they were introduced not only to Christianity, but to Western music and instruments from the Baroque period. As gifted craftspeople and musicians, the Guaraní quickly learned how to play and build their own instruments. When the Jesuits were eventually expelled from the continent, the Guaraní returned to the forest with their new instruments, songs and culture in tow.

Cacique Geniolito Busking

Cacique Geniolito Busking

A video clip of Cacique Geniolito (Guarani Chief Lorenzo Benito) and his companion busking at a restaurant in San Ignacio, Misiones, Argentina.

Fernando Leider’s Violins

Fernando Leider's Violins

Argentine musician Fernando Leider demonstrates his home-made bamboo violin and some others.



Single-shot video of the “band” of Katu-Pyry down by the river Cazador in San Ignacio, Misiones.  To find out more about the music of the Mbyá Guarani, please visit the project page.     NEI KATU JAJEROJY One Shot, Down by the River from Jason Rothe on Vimeo.