Salgado at the Palace of Fine Arts and some more Big Sur

Here are some recent photos from a weekend trip to Big Sur and a few I took while hanging out around the Marina/Palace of Fine arts in SF waiting for the legendary Sabastao Salgado to give a talk.  Included is a shot of Salgado speaking with Ken Light about photojournaism and his current project “Genesis” which explores those parts of the planet that, to this day, remain pristine since the dawn of Man.  Interestingly Salgado is switching to a medium-format digital process (in B&W) for this project, which involves landscape and wildlife photography as well as the cultural documentary type photos for which he is known.

Salgado’s work is also on display right now at the David Brower center in Berkeley.  I haven’t seen the exhibit yet, but I hear it is spectacular.

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