Yacaré Manso

Yacaré Manso – Live Shows and Favourite Videos

Yacaré Manso - Live Shows and Favourite Videos

A few favourite live videos of Yacaré Manso playing in Buenos Aires.

Yacaré Manso – Roots

Yacaré Manso - Roots

Argentine musician Raul Martinez, aka Nikoberqui, aka Yacaré Manso, speaking about the origin of “Yacaré Manso” or “Gentle Crocodile” and the fight to save the Esteros de Iberá (Iberá wetlands) in northern Argentina.

Artist Profile::Nikoberqui

Artist Profile::Nikoberqui

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[audio:http://www.theethnomusicologist.com/audio/Irme Lejos.mp3|titles=Irme Lejos]

Nikoberqui is a 27 year-old Argentine musician who’s roots (video interview) are the moist subtropical forests and marsh lakes of Corrientes (map), a province in northeastern Argentina…