Fernando Leider’s Violins

Fernando Leider's Violins

Argentine musician Fernando Leider demonstrates his home-made bamboo violin and some others.

Keruchu’i Jochuka’i

Keruchu'i Jochuka'i

An initial video of music by the Mbyá Guarani of Misiones province in northern Argentina.

Rainforest Warriors

Rainforest Warriors

I’m pleased to announce that some of my photos (not the cover) from Suriname will be included in a new book by Richard Price – Rainforest Warriors: Human Rights on Trial.  This is an important book on an important subject – the fight by Suriname’s Saramaka maroons for the rights to their own piece of […]

The US/Mexico border and dental tourism

The US/Mexico border and dental tourism

In light of the recent controversy surrounding senate bill 1070, Arizona’s new immigration law, I thought it would be interesting to share a few words and photos related to the US/Mexico border story on dental tourism that I did a few years ago for the Toronto Star. Every night at the border between Andrade, California (map) and Los […]

Still under renovation, but making progress!

The site is still under renovation, but things are slowly coming along.  Check out the new Nikoberqui project page, as well as Yemanjá, Goddess of the Sea in both English and Español.  The published page has also been redone. I will be trying to make as much of the site as possible bilingual; it will […]

“The Devil and the Mountain” in Orion Magazine

Orion Magazine May/June 2010 Feature story and photos Visit the “Devil and the Mountain” project page here to check out a video feature of this story.

Site Under Renovation…

I’m currently renovating the website…please bear with me for a bit… Jason

Summer/Fall 2009

Summer/Fall 2009

For the past couple months I’ve been busy moving my life from California to Canada to Buenos Aires so I haven’t updated the site in some time.  Here are some selected photos from the summer and fall of 2009, mostly taken in British Columbia.  My nose is now aimed squarely at the grindstone so stay […]

Good quote from Kim Komenich

I just came across this on the Fotovision site, and I think it is a great summary of where we are at as documentary photographers: “I think the time has come for photographers to embrace all the digital possibilities as a whole, whether it’s using audio and stills to produce a Web-based slide show or […]



The new site is up!  But, still under construction…stay tuned!