Jason is a photographer and multimedia journalist from Vancouver, Canada.  His work has appeared in a variety of publications such as Orion Magazine, the Utne Reader, The Walrus, Geographic Expeditions, Explore Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and The Riverbones, a travel memoir on Suriname by Canadian writer Andrew Westoll. Jason’s photographs won the Orion Magazine Award at the 2009 Our World Portfolio Review for a portfolio that best that fits the mission of Orion, which is to deepen an understanding of our relationships with the natural world.

Jason’s work often explores the interconnection between human beings and nature as well as the role of art, music, and indigenous traditions in human society.  Among his projects are organic tea farming and mining in Bolivia, dental tourism in Mexico, trekking to ancient ruins in the Peruvian Andes, the social importance of Uruguayan Candombe drumming and the music of the Mbyá Guarani indigenous people of northern Argentina.  Jason is especially passionate about the people, landscape and society of Latin America as well as the struggle of indigenous and other threatened cultures to preserve their language, traditions and way of life in face of globalization.

Although his background is principally in still photography and writing, Jason is increasingly including video and audio work in his storytelling in order to create multilayered works capable of reaching a wide audience.  He is currently editing and producing a multi-part multimedia project on the music of the Mbyá Guarani.